A Sphinx extension that provides utilities for embedding JupyterLite in your docs.

jupyterlite-sphinx brings the power of JupyterLite to your Sphinx documentation. It makes a full JupyterLite deployment in your docs and provide some utilities for using that deployment easily.


jupyterlite-sphinx provides a collection of directives that allows you to embed the different JupyterLite UIs directly in your documentation page. Each of those directives can be configured with the following options:

  • width (default "100%") the width of the UI

  • height (default "600px") the height of the UI

  • theme (default None) the JupyterLab theme to use

  • prompt (default False) whether or not to lazy-load the UI. If the value is a string, it will use this value for the prompt button.

  • prompt_color (default #f7dc1e) The color of the prompt button, if there is one.